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Noreve iPad Mini Leather Case


–       Genuine Leather Case

–       Hand crafted

–       Designed in France

–       Leather stand on the back for horizontal use

–       Internal document pocket

The Basics

Since 2004, Noreve has specialised in manufacturing high quality, leather cases for mobile devices. The unique design and style of the south of France can be seen in its entire selection of products. In less than two years, Noreve had conquered the international market via the Internet through a network of specialised resellers (web and stores). Through the quality and design of their products, their new capacity of reaction as well as the new technology boom, the company has achieved rapid growth.

The impressive box that contained the Noreve iPad leather case

The impressive box that contained the Noreve iPad leather case

The Good

Quality, Quality, Quality that is what Noreve are all about and the iPad Mini leather case from the Perpétuelle Couture Selection did not disappoint either, with its elegant design and use of top quality leathers this is a case made to impress. Noreve kindly supplied me with this case in vibrant red with the diamond quilt affect (Perpétuelle Couture) that makes the case standout amongst the crowd. Noreve have a weird and wonderful choice of colours along with textures listed on their website for each and every product they produce, this is good for customers that are looking to purchase a matching case for both the iPad and iPhone knowing they will be able to get the same colour and texture in both.

When I first opened the parcel from Noreve the first thing to strike me was the sturdy and well design box that the product was presented in, then to my surprise after opening the box the case was accompanied by a beautiful branded pouch for the case to be placed in when not being used. These little touches might not mean a lot to some customers when purchasing a case, but this really does show that Noreve go that extra mile to please their customers.

Branded pouch for storing the case when not in use

Branded pouch for storing the case when not in use

Even before putting my iPad Mini into the case I was a little sceptical, as I find that cases made from leather usually do not fit the device snug due to the designers being more worried about the aesthetics of the products that actually addressing the main issue of protecting the product you have specifically purchased the case for. To my surprise the actual component that holds the iPad is made of a strong, lightweight metal which is covered in a lining to prevent any damage being inflicted to your device. This pleased me for two reasons; the first being that this proves that Noreve does not cut corners in an attempt to reduce costs when producing their products. Secondly while being easy to pop the device in and out of the housing when needed, it was tightly secured on both sides with the rounded edges that held the iPad in place magnificently when situated in the case.

This case also has three pouches located on the inside of the face cover to keep documents safe. These offer excellent storage space for items that might prove handy while travelling around with your iPad. The first of the three pouches is around 20cm x 10cm this could be used to keep passports if traveling or other documents such as tickets, bills and letters. The other two pouches are identical and are 10cm x 5cm these would be better for storing items such as cards, cash or receipts. The last point that I will mention with the Noreve case is the branding that is present on the case, this includes their emblem which is embedded discreetly in the bottom right corner of the case to maintain the luxury look. The words “noreve saint – tropez” are also embellished in silver on the back at the bottom of the case.

The red case in Perpétuelle Couture, with the Noreve logo

The red case in Perpétuelle Couture, with the Noreve logo

The Bad

All mobile device accessories have issues with them, even the most expensive products do, but with Noreve it has proved hard to find these almost insignificant issues. The one issue I did feel with the Leather iPad case is the stand that it comes built in, that is located on the back of the case, this works as expected but personally I am not a fan of stands built into cases. I am sure many other customers find them useful which I can completely understand as they do add many benefits like using an iPad with a keyboard etc. The issue with the stand on this case is that it uses a popper to keep the stand closed when not in use and instead of this being flush with the back of the case, there is a good 5mm raise on the back where you would usually hold the device. The does not affect the case when flat on a surface but when holding the case in one hand it might not feel as comfortable as expected at first and may take some time to get used too.

Now down to price, the iPad Perpétuelle Couture case in red that is featured in this review retails for €75.99, but these are fully customisable and price varies depending on the design chosen. I have only included this in the bad section as I understand, for the majority of iPad Mini owners it would be hard to justify spending this amount of money on a case, especially with the global economy at present. However Noreve produces luxury cases for a niche market, these products cost more than competitors due to the materials being used to produce them along with the craftsmanship put into each individual case.

Case stand in the closed position (Here you can see the slight raise)

Case stand in the closed position (Here you can see the slight raise)

The Bottom line

Noreve produce some of the best quality genuine leather cases I could find on the market with the most competitive prices for leather products, with their excellent design and customization options available online it would be hard to not find a case that you loved. The case offers great protection for both the front and the back of the iPad as well as offering the little added extras like the stand and the three added pockets to store them all important documents. The best part of this case are the materials used to create it, when first opening the box my nose was instantly hit by the smell of top quality leather that was crafted superbly.

The only small issue that I had with the case was the closed position of the stand, which some people might say that is pathetic but I am sure this issue could be addressed in future products to give it that more complete finish, either way this should not stop you purchasing products from Noreve as I can assure you that you will not be let down by the pure quality of these luxury cases. If Price is an issue for you look at it this way, if you’re willing to spend $350 on an Apple devices for its elegant look and its fantastic build quality, why would you go and put a $2 case on it from eBay? It’s completely your choice on how much you are willing to spend on a case and hopefully this review will help you to decide if this could be the case to house your iPad Mini.

A view of the document pouches available to store items of your choice

A view of the document pouches available to store items of your choice



Rating /10

Build Quality

 – An exceptional build quality, with hand crafted leather

– Uses a metal section to hold your device in place for added protection and a sturdy feel


Ease of use

– Easy to pace the iPad Mini inside the case, and just as easy to remove when needed

– Nice clips in place to keep the screen cove in place when device is not being used.



– Great protection with the screen being protected by the front cover and the metal holder to keep the device in place if it was to be dropped



– With the case being priced at €75.99 it is not the cheapest, but for value in comparison to other products of the price it is a lot better build quality with better materials used

– Also comparing it to other hand crafted genuine leather cases the price is very reasonable with pother brands asking for over $100


Colors/Textures available 

– The website lets you customise your case extremely well considering they are genuine leather products you have a choice for over 10 colours and a number of different textures


Overall – Overall this case is one of the best quality cases I have tested to date, if not the best. It has a large price tag, but if it is the kind of product you are looking for I doubt you could find better quality, design and customer services for the same price 9

If you would like to purchase the item above, or are interested in any other products that Noreve have to offer please feel free to visit the website here:- http://www.noreve.com/

I would just like to say a big thank you to Noreve for both letting and supplying me with this great product to review, and hopefully I will be able to review more products of theirs in the near future for my dedicated audience.

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